Our Human Resources policy

Human Resources policy is at the heart of our overall strategy. Our employees convey the image of our business and, more importantly, our customers’.
5 fundamental axes lead our human resources policy:
  • The selection of the best suited candidates for our clients’ unique needs in order to ensure both quality and success of the entrusted mission
  • The development of individual skills and expertise to give optimum customer satisfaction
  • The creation and sustainability of a rich and constructive dialogue
  • The practice of proximity management promotion
  • The fight against all types of discrimination and the strengthening of employee retention and integration. (COMEARTH is a sustaining member of the 2nd chance Foundation and has committed itself by signing the Charter Diversity and by contributing to the development of solutions for deaf and hard of hearing people)

Working with COMEARTH means joining:
  • A rapidly growing small-scale business
  • A dynamic multidisciplinary team involved in training, knowledge transmission and experience sharing
  • A pleasant working environment

COMEARTH works closely with its clients in a philosophy of value-creation and in favour of the implementation of a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.

At COMEARTH, we particularly cherish various fundamental values we consider of paramount importance if we wish our relationship with our clients to run smoothly.
  • Closeness – we are very close to our customers and humanly, financially and geographically accessible
  • Integrity – our partnerships rest on trust and transparency, as we share a genuine ethical collaboration policy
  • Requirement – we are fully committed to our customers both on contractual and moral grounds. We value operational excellence and guarantee a high quality standard
  • R.O.I. culture – result obligations and cost control increase the leverage effect on performance and profitability. COMEARTH continues to build on its involvement and is a strong, vigilant and reliable business partner
  • Corporate social responsibility – we promote permanent job contracts, rewarding working conditions and foster equal opportunities and diversity in job employment