Banking, Insurance, Finance

In a market mainly B2B2C that has undergone profound changes over the past 20 years, competitive pressure is increased. As a consequence, Market players are being compelled to provide outstanding customer relationship management.

Good customer relationship management is thus the key factor that can enable you to:

  • Increase the number of “captive” customers, both collectively and individually, (health risks, life insurance, savings, property and casualty insurance, etc.)
  • Attract and conquer prospects that are quite often convinced to subscribe thanks to a “voice contact”.

Thanks to its adaptability and pro-activity, COMEARTH shares with you its expertise and experience. At COMEARTH, we offer business solutions tailored to your specific needs in customer relationship strategy and organisational advices.

Our experiences: American Express, Assur Plaisance, BMS Moneo, BNP Paris Bas, CCF, Credit Agricole, Credit Lyonnais, Credit Mutuel Group D & O, Mornay Group Plan Group, HSBC, La Banque Postale, La Henin Direct, Malakoff Mederic, Mercer, Mutualia, Societe Generale, BSGV, Sofinco, UNEO