Industry Services

The tense economic situation compels policy makers to implement proactive measures in order to increase their market share while developing customer loyalty.
Above all, companies have to seize the opportunities linked to globalization if they are willing to conquer new markets.

Good customer relationship management is thus the key factor that can enable you to:

  • Build a sales team focused on high potential targets by outsourcing prospect qualification
  • Strengthen your market share and reduce the cost of customer retention through telesales services
  • Use the right channels to address small and medium-sized businesses, take in charge your remote network and optimize your conversion rate
  • Enhance customer value and anticipate customer churn thanks to an investment in customer service loyalty programmes

Thanks to its adaptability and pro-activity, COMEARTH shares with you its expertise and experience. At COMEARTH, we offer business solutions tailored to your specific needs in customer relationship strategy and organisational advices.

Our experiences: Antalis, Atos Origin, BP, Butagaz Castolin, Citroen, Clause, EDF, Michelin, Fina, Gas de France, Grohe, Eternit Industries, Mercedes Benz, JPG, Peugeot, Renault, SNCF, Subaru, Volvo trucks