Public Utility Services

Major public services and administrations have reaffirmed the full attention they give to the quality of reception and services offered to users. This is particularly true in the framework of the administrative simplification reforms.

Customer relationship challenges in today’s economic landscape have to do with:

  • Building customer proximity
  • Effective services (time limit required for answering requests by mail and by e-mail. Time limit required for completed calls or for transferring a call to the appropriate service as well as telephone answering service, etc.)
  • Being a good listener and being able to show courtesy towards interlocutors
  • Confidence-building among users

Thanks to its adaptability and pro-activity, COMEARTH shares with you its expertise and experience. At COMEARTH, we offer business solutions tailored to your specific needs in customer relationship strategy and organisational advices in order to introduce an innovative image of public services and build users confidence.

Our experiences: Antalis, Atos Origin, BP, Butagaz, Castolin, CCIP, Citroën, Clause, EDF, Eternit Industries, Fina, GDF, Grohe, Mercedes Benz, Michelin, Peugeot, Renault, SNCF, Subaru, Volvo trucks.